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​Rental Basic Terms

Article 1 (General Rules)

1. This agreement on rental (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") defines the basic matters regarding the contractual relationship between the lessee as Party A and the lessee as Party B.

2. Party B shall provide Party A with the leasing of properties and services based thereon (hereafter, the leasing of properties and services based thereon are collectively referred to as "rental") under the conditions stated in this agreement. .

3. When renting from Party B, Party A confirms that the business operator has the necessary technology, skills, and knowledge to use the rental property as part of Party A's business, and Party A receives delivery from Party B. We shall use and manage the rental property properly at our own responsibility.

Article 2 (Contract)

1. The property rental contract (hereinafter referred to as the "contract") shall be made by Party A and Party B based on these terms and conditions.

2. Party A clarifies the necessary matters such as the number of properties, rental period, location of use of the property, etc. and applies, and Party B accepts this to conclude the contract.

3. If the contract stipulates matters different from these terms and conditions, it will take precedence over these terms and conditions.

4. Arrangements regarding the contract shall be decided in advance through consultation between Party A and Party B.

Article 3 (Rental period)

1. The rental period is from the rental date (rental start date) to the return date (rental end date).

2. The shortening or extension of the rental period stipulated in the individual contract requires the consent of Party B.

Article 4 (Rental fee)

1. Rental fee basically refers to the “rental fee” of the property. In addition, Party A must separately pay the "basic management fee" and "compensation fee" for the property to Party B as necessary.

2. During the rental period, even if there is a period when the property is not used or cannot be used, Party A must pay Party B the rental fee for that period regardless of the reason.

3. The payment date and payment conditions for the rental fee shall be agreed separately.

Article 5 (Compensation fee)

1. In order to reduce the liability for damages that should be borne by Party A in the event that the property is damaged or stolen during the rental period, Party A will bear the compensation fee specified by Party B. Party B's warranty system applies.

2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, this does not apply to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, typhoons and floods, intentional or gross negligence of Party A, and other damages not covered by the warranty system.

Article 6 (Delivery of Property, Exemption from Liability)

1. Party B must deliver the property to Party A on the start date of the rental period.

2. In principle, the delivery of the property shall be made within Party B's office.

3. If the property is delivered at a place other than the preceding paragraph, Party A shall bear all the expenses required for it.

4. Party B will follow the instructions of Party A when entering the site of Party A for the delivery of the property.

5. Accidents associated with loading, unloading, transporting, loading, etc. of the property shall be the responsibility of Party A if Party A did it themselves or if Party A requested someone other than Party B, and if Party B did this, Party B shall be responsible. .

7. Party B is responsible for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, typhoons and floods, power restrictions, transportation accidents, traffic restrictions, disputes with employees of Party A or third parties, or interference from third parties, and other Party B We will not be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of the property or the impossibility of delivery due to reasons not attributable to the Company.

Article 7 (Acceptance Inspection of Property)

1. Immediately after receiving the item, Party A will inspect the standard, use, performance, function, quantity, etc. of the item based on the delivery statement or delivery slip issued by Party B, and confirm that there are no defects in the item.

2. Party A shall notlegs, If you find any other defects, immediately contact Party B. If Party B receives contact from Party A, Party B will repair the property or deliver a substitute property at its responsibility.

Article 8 (Guarantee Liability)

1. Party B only guarantees that the property has normal performance at the time of delivery to Party A, and does not take responsibility for suitability for Party A's purpose of use.

2. Regarding the rental of the property, if Party B is liable for damages to Party A due to reasons attributable to Party B, the upper limit shall be the amount equivalent to the rental fee in the individual contract, and it shall be limited to the direct damage actually incurred by Party A.

Article 9 (Maintenance, Management and Monthly Inspection of Property)

1. Party A shall maintain and manage the proper condition of the property according to its original usage and ability as a good manager in the use and storage of the property from the delivery of the property until the return is completed.

2. Party A must confirm the handling method before using the property.

3. All expenses related to storage, maintenance and maintenance of the property shall be borne by Party A.

4. If Party A causes damage to a third party due to the installation, storage, or use of the property, it will be resolved at its own responsibility, and Party B will not take any responsibility.

Article 10 (Prohibitions)

1. Party A shall not infringe on the property rights of Party B, such as transferring the property to a third party.

2. Party A cannot perform the acts specified in the following items without obtaining the written consent of Party B.

(1) Attaching new devices, parts, accessories, etc. to the property, or removing already attached items

(2) Remodeling the property or changing performance/functions

(3) Using the property for purposes other than its original purpose

(4) Transferring the right of lease under the contract to another party or subleasing the property to a third party

Article 11 (Prohibition of use under environmental pollutants)

1. Party A shall not use the property in an environment with radioactivity, harmful substances such as asbestos, pathogens, other environmental pollutants, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "pollutants, etc.").

2. If the property becomes contaminated, Party A shall immediately remove or dispose of the pollutants, etc., and Party B shall bear the costs if Party B incurs costs on behalf of Isao.

3. As a result of returning the contaminated property, Party A shall be responsible for any damage to the life, body and property of Party B or a third party.

Article 12 (Obligation to notify)

1. If any of the following items apply, Party A and Party B will promptly notify the other party to that effect and notify them in writing at the same time.

(1) When the property is stolen, lost or damaged during the rental period

(2) When you move your address

(3) When the representative is changed

(4) When there is an important change in the content of the business

(5) When there is compulsory execution or other legal or factual infringement from a third party regarding the property during the rental period

2. If there is a risk that a third party will infringe on the property rights of Party B regarding the property, Party A will take responsibility for the accident and strive to prevent such infringement, and will immediately notify Party B in writing of the circumstances.

Article 13 (Measures at Contract Expiration and Property Return)

1. Upon expiration of the contract, Party A will immediately return the property to Party B within the office of Party B. Party B will issue a receipt to Party A at the same time as receiving the return of the property.

2. Party A shall bear the transportation costs associated with the return and all costs required for the return of the property.

3.The property must be returned in the same condition as when it was rented. If damage, defacement, missing items, etc. are found at the time of return, Party A will restore it to its original state at its responsibility, or Party A will pay the cost (repair fee, cleaning fee, etc.) to Party B.

Article 14 (Compensation for Property Damage)

1.In the event of damage, loss, theft, etc. to the property rented to Party A due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, typhoons and floods, or other causes, Party A shall bear the obligations stipulated in this agreement. I can't escape

2. If Party B repairs the damage to the property, Party A will pay the amount equivalent to the repair cost to Party B.

3. If there is no prospect of recovering the ownership of Party B due to the loss or theft of the property, or if the property is severely damaged and cannot be repaired at the time of acceptance inspection when returning the property, Party A will pay the amount equivalent to the replacement price of the property to Party B. pay.

4. If it takes time to repair and re-procure the property, Party A will pay Party B a compensation corresponding to the loss of business.

Article 15 (Response to Antisocial Forces, etc.)

Party B may refuse or cancel the contract if Party A falls under any of the following items.

(1) When it is determined that the person is an anti-social force such as an organized crime group

(2) When using threatening behavior or violence in relation to transactions

(3) When B's employees or other related parties perform violent demanding acts or demand unreasonable burdens

Article 16 (Compensation for damages and measures in the event of non-return)

1. Party A shall be responsible for compensating for all damages incurred by Party B due to non-return.

2. If Party A does not return the property despite the expiration of the individual contract, Party B will register on the non-returnee list and take necessary legal measures.

Article 17 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information)

The purpose for which Party B acquires and uses personal information of Party A or a person designated by Party A is as follows.

(1) To perform identity verification and examination, etc. regarding Party A when concluding an individual contract

(2) To take the measures specified in paragraph 2 of the preceding paragraph if the property is not returned

Article 18 (Cancellation of contract)

1. If Party A falls under any of the following items, Party B may cancel the contract without giving any notice.

(1) When it violates any of the provisions of this agreement or individual contract

(2) When rental fees, repair costs, or other obligations to Party B are delayed

(3) When a bill or check drawn or accepted by oneself is dishonored, or when payment becomes insolvent or payment is suspended

(4) When a disposition for non-payment of taxes and public dues, a temporary restraining order for execution, compulsory execution, auction or other disposition of public authority is received for other debts, or a petition is filed for the commencement of procedures for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, or corporate reorganization, or liquidation When business is virtually suspended, such as entering

(5) When the necessary maintenance and management of the property is not performed, or when the usage method stipulated by laws and regulations is violated.

(6) Dissolution, death, person with limited capacity, or when the address or residence becomes unknown

(7) When the credit status has deteriorated significantly, or when an objective circumstance that is deemed to be likely to do so has occurred.

(8) When there is an illegal act (such as an illegal act or an act that violates public order and morals) regarding rental use.

2. If Party B cancels the contract based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, Party A will immediately return the property to Party B and pay Party B the rental fee and all associated expenses in cash until the date of property return.

3. If any of the reasons in paragraph 1 arises for Party A, Party A will naturally lose the benefit of time and immediately pay Party B the remaining debt in cash.

Article 19 (Contract Cancellation Measures)

1. Party A will immediately return the property to the location specified in the individual contract if Party B requests the return of the property pursuant to the preceding article.

2. If Party A does not immediately return the property, Party B will enter the storage location of the property and collect it, and if there is damage, Party A will bear the damage.

3. Party A shall bear the transportation costs and any other expenses associated with the return and collection.

4. Party A shall bear the cost of repairing the property if it is damaged or is different from the original state when the property is returned.

5. The return of the property will be carried out in the presence of Party A and Party B, and if Party A does not attend, there will be no objection to the acceptance inspection results of Party B.

6. Party A must fulfill the obligations stipulated in this agreement until the return of the property is completed.

7. Even if Party A suffers damage due to the cancellation of the contract, Party B shall be exempt from all liability.

Article 20 (Maintenance of Confidentiality)

Party A and Party B must not disclose any information obtained through the individual contract to others even after the contract ends.

Article 21 (Supplement)

Regarding matters not stipulated in this agreement and individual contracts, Party A and Party B will discuss and resolve in good faith.

Supplementary provision

This Agreement shall come into effect from December 1, 2022.

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