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The next generation LRTK is finally here

GNSS terminal with 4-frequency compatible antenna



LRTK Pro2 supports CLAS.

It is possible to obtain cm-accurate coordinates even in an environment without internet connection.

What is CLAS

It is a service that obtains location information from the satellite "Michibiki" instead of the satellite "GPS". ​

​ *With LRTK Pro2, you can also acquire "GPS" location information.


​Equipped with tilt correction function

LRTK Pro2 is equipped with a tilt correction function.

Even if the pole is tilted, it is possible to acquire the coordinates of the tip of the pole. ​

​Please use it for surveying when there are obstacles.


LRTK Pro functionality remains the same

Wireless RTK receiver with built-in battery antenna

RTK is a positioning method that can acquire centimeter-accurate coordinates in real time.

To use it, prepare an antenna, GNSS receiver, battery, radio, etc.

I needed a cable to connect them.

LRTK Pro2 has all the equipment in one package, wireless and miniaturized.

​The hardware is designed with the assumption that it will be used in the field, so it can be used safely even in harsh environments.

All you need is your smartphone

211215_master_logo_Logo_HIROAKI2 のコピー 2.png
LRTK Pro2 高画質.png

If you prepare a smartphone (both Android and iOS), you can start surveying immediately.

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