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​Terms of Use

This Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") governs the use of web services, applications, and products (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") provided by Refixia Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). It defines the conditions for use. Customers shall use the Service in accordance with these Terms.


In addition, when the customer uses this service, it shall be deemed that the customer has agreed to this agreement.

Article 1 (Registration)

1. Customers must use the Service in accordance with these Terms.

2. Customers may use the Service by providing registration information to the Company and agreeing to the Terms.

3. Customers must provide true and accurate information when providing registration information. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the customer due to falsehoods, errors or omissions in the content of the registered information.

4. If there is any change in the registered information, the customer shall notify the Company of the change as specified by the Company.

Article 2 (Rejection of Registration)

The Company may refuse to register a customer who has applied for registration pursuant to Paragraph 2 of the preceding article if any of the following reasons apply.

1.If there is a falsehood, error, or omission in the content of the registration information provided to the Company;

2. If you have received or are currently receiving measures such as suspension of account use in the past

3. When the Company determines that the registration is not appropriate

Article 3 (Changes to Terms of Use)

The Company may, as necessary, change these Terms based on laws and regulations within the scope of the purpose of the Service. This Agreement after change shall take effect from the time it comes into effect.

Article 4 (Account Management)

1. The customer shall manage the account at their own responsibility and shall not allow a third party to use it, or lend, transfer, change the name, sell, etc.

2. If the Company confirms that the accounts match, it will be deemed that the customer registered as having the account has used the Service.

3. If it is found that the account has been stolen or used by a third party, the customer shall immediately notify the Company to that effect and follow the instructions from the Company.

4. The customer shall be responsible for damages caused by insufficient management of the account, misidentification of use, use by a third party, etc., and the Company will not be held responsible.

Article 5 (Handling of Personal Information)

1. We will properly handle your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

2. Customers shall provide personal information to us as long as they agree to our privacy policy.

Article 6 (Non-guarantee)

The Company shall ensure that there are no defects (including security-related defects, errors, bugs, and infringements of rights) with respect to the Service, as well as the safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, and suitability for a particular purpose. No explicit or implied warranty is given. The Company does not assume any obligation to the customer to remove such defects and provide the Service.

Article 7 (Disclaimer)

1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by customers or third parties due to delays, changes, interruptions, or suspensions of the provision of the Service for any reason. shall be

2. The Company shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of information obtained through the use of this service, suitability for specific purposes, etc.

3. The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss of information, etc. obtained through the use of the Service.

4. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by information obtained through the use of this service, except for intentional or gross negligence.

5. In the event of a dispute between the customer and the customer or a third party regarding this service, the customer shall resolve this at his/her own expense and responsibility, and shall not cause damage to the Company.

Article 8 (Provision of this service)

1. In order to use this service, the customer must prepare necessary personal computers, smartphones and other communication devices, operation systems, communication means, electric power, etc. at the customer's expense and responsibility.

2. The Company may provide all or part of the Service only to customers who meet the age, identity verification, and other conditions deemed necessary by the Company.

3. The Company may, as necessary, change, suspend or terminate part or all of the content of the Service without prior notice or consent from the Customer.

4. Our company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to the customer.

5. The Company may change the usage fee for the Service as necessary without prior notice or consent to the customer.

Article 9 (Services of third parties other than our company)

The Service may include services or content provided by third parties other than the Company. Any such service or content is the responsibility of the third party that provides it. In addition, such services or content may be subject to terms of use and other conditions established by the third party that provides them.

Article 10 (Period of Validity)

These Terms of Use shall apply during the period of provision of the Service, from the date the customer's use registration is completed until the date the customer withdraws from the Service or the date the customer's account is deleted, whichever comes first. shall remain in force and effect between us and you for the duration of

Article 11 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

Unless there is prior written consent from the Company, the Customer may transfer, succeed, set collateral, or otherwise transfer to a third party the rights or obligations of the Customer based on these Terms of Use, or the status under the Service Use Agreement. No disposal is possible.

Article 12 (Handling in case of business transfer, etc.)

If the Company transfers the business related to this service to another company, the status, rights and obligations under the service use contract, registration information and other information related to customers of this service due to the transfer of business will be transferred to the transferee of the business transfer. It shall be transferable, and the customer shall be deemed to have consented to such transfer in advance in this section. The business transfer referred to in this section shall include comprehensive succession through a merger or company split, etc., in which the Company becomes a dissolved company or split company.

Article 13 (Governing Law)

Japanese law shall apply to the formation, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of these Terms of Use. In the event of a dispute regarding this service, the court having jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall be the exclusive jurisdiction.

Enacted December 1, 2022

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