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​working hours



​ Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays


​ Commuting allowance, complete social insurance, technical books available, in-house facilities available at any time​

​employment type​

​ full-time, part-time, intern ​

​Job details

​Hardware Engineer

​・ Circuit design (circuit design in Kicad, soldering)
​・ Board design (board prototyping with board processing machine CNC)

・ Chassis design (design with 3D CAD such as Fusion360, using stereolithography / thermal lamination type 3D printer)

・ Creating microcomputer firmware in C/C++​

​software engineer

​・ Image processing
​・ machine learning

・ Hardware control system development (embedded and smartphone application development)

・ In-house system management (AWS, MVC framework, RDBMS)

​Technical sales

​・ Extraction of customer issues, internal sharing
​・ Creation of proposals and presentations to customers, demonstration of terminals

· Project Management

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