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RTK-GNSS positioning terminal


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Pocket-sized RTK positioning terminal

RTK is a positioning method that can acquire centimeter-accurate coordinates in real time.
I had to prepare a large piece of equipment to use it.

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Just insert the antenna and power supply, and connect to your smartphone to start positioning!


Power supply is OK with type C! The antenna is also sold as a set.

If you prepare an Android smartphone, you can start surveying immediately.
* Any app that supports NMEA data is OK.

Waterproof performance equivalent to IP66

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It is designed to be waterproof so that it can withstand sudden rain and dust.
Even if the housing gets dirty, it can be washed with tap water.

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Easy positioning with central button


With the dedicated app "LRTK App" and LRTK Mini connected

You can record the coordinates of the spot by pressing the central button.
Continuous positioning (logging) is also possible by long-pressing or double-clicking.


LRTK Mini Owner's Manual

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