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For checking underground pipes and completion drawings

Coming soon to iOS!

Rate plan

Basic Plan
The basic functions of the AR app
Available plans
29,800Yen (excluding tax)
Monthly usage fee
Unlimited number of objects
Object total 10GB
● Data capacity
Unlimited number of object changes
● number of changes
Free trial now available!
10 days free!
AR app basic plan
right nowUsable!
Registration takes just a few minutes,
You can use it right away.
Cancellation is possible at any time.
Click here to download the ​ app!
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Downloading the ​ app is completely free.

What is LRTK AR

By combining with RTK terminal
It is an AR application that can place objects with cm accuracy.

Refixia has developed an RTK receiver "LRTK" that enables surveying simply by connecting to a smartphone. With this LRTK, location information in cm units can be obtained simply by receiving GNSS radio waves with the receiver. and theGet the most out of your RTK receiverable toAR appis "LRTK AR".

In a normal AR app, you specify the desired position of the area shown on the screen of the smartphone and set up the object, but this AR appSpecify the installation position by latitude, longitude, and altitudeTo do. As a result, the positions of underground pipes and buildings managed by latitude, longitude, and altitude can be accurately projected and visually confirmed. Furthermore, by combining LRTK and overwriting the location information of the smartphone to cm accuracy, it is possible to specify the installation accuracy in cm units.

For example, if we can visualize the water pipes in such road construction work, it will be safer and smoother than in the past.

Please try the LRTK AR, which is specialized for use on construction sites.

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