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iPhone version
​ finally released

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came to iOS

Free to install from the App Store

What you can do with LRTK App for iPhone

1. Network RTK


By connecting to the LRTK terminal via Bluetooth,
Correction information can be sent to LRTK.

By sending correction information, network type RTK is possible on the connected LRTK terminal.

Location information acquired by network RTK is displayed in the app.
​ Of course, the accuracy of the location information is centimeter-class accuracy.

2. Map display of data


You can see the location information acquired by RTK on the map of the app.

Latitude/longitude/elevation can be seen at a glance by touching the pin.
​logging functionThe position information acquired by can also be displayed by enclosing the pins with a line.

Please use it for position confirmation during surveying.

3. Synchronize your data with the web

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It is possible to synchronize the location information acquired by RTK to the web.

Synchronized location data can be viewed anytime, anywhere on the web.

You can also download it as a file in CSV format.

​Web is also available for free →Lconstruction

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