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RTK-GNSS positioning terminal


Built-in battery and antenna
Wireless RTK receiver

RTK is a positioning method that can acquire centimeter-accurate coordinates in real time.

To use it, prepare an antenna, GNSS receiver, battery, radio, etc.

I needed a cable to connect them.

LRTK Pro has all the equipment in one package, and succeeded in making it wireless and miniaturized.

​The hardware is designed with the assumption that it will be used in the field, so it can be used safely even in harsh environments.

All you need is your smartphone

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If you prepare a smartphone (Android), you can start surveying immediately.

For Android, any app that supports NMEA data is OK.

12 hours operation with built-in battery

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It is equipped with a battery that can operate for up to 13 hours to withstand a full day of surveying.

​*Varies depending on usage environment

Waterproof performance equivalent to IP67

211215_master_logo_Logo_HIROAKI2 のコピー 2.png

It has a waterproof design that can withstand sudden heavy rain, sand dust, and muddy water.

​When it gets dirty with mud, you can wash it with water.


LRTK Pro Owner's Manual

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