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LRTK App for Windows

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Externally link LRTK with this one

What you can do with LRTK App for Windows

1. External linkage of LRTK


The biggest feature of LRTK App for Windows is the external linkage function of LRTK.
CM-accurate location information obtained from LRTK can be provided externally via UDP communication.

2. Network RTK


​ Network type RTK can be performed simply by entering correction information on the application screen and sending it to the LRTK terminal.
​Of course, position information with cm accuracy can be obtained, and the obtained position information can be externally linked via UDP.

3. Local base station type RTK


L-link functioncan be used to perform local base station type RTK.
Location information acquired by local base station type RTK can also be externally linked.

Install from here

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